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What We Do

Xenia Partners is a business service company that utilizes a financial technology. We facilitate and oversee partnerships between our sponsors and clients while consulting and servicing our clients funding needs.
With our extensive relationship based network of businesses and brokers, we help our clients optimize their funding potential by connecting them with sponsors that provide capital in the short term to help them meet lender criteria.
Offer a suite of business services to our clients. Our services all aim towards one goal-freeing up cash flow so we can help the client get in the best possible position to receive new funding.

Our Business Model Explained(updating model)

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What Does Xenia Mean?

Xenia is Greek terminology meaning reciprocal relationship.

Our relationships with our sponsors and clients are just that. Every party involved in our model wins and its the way we do business. Relationships mean everything to us and this is how we do business with our sponsors.

    Client gains new funding
    Sponsor gains healthy return

Xenia Partners Core Values

The foundation of who we are inside and out.


Open and honest in our communication and business.


Say what we do and Do what we say.


Act with integrity at all times.


Creative and open minded.


Committed to over perform on service, experience, and results.


Embrace and drive change.

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Chris RattoCo-founder


Andrew WeberCo-founder

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