The client sponsorship program is NOT a “fund” or an investment. Xenia Partners is not, nor does it profess to be a lender, financial institution, or claim to be dealing in securities. Xenia Partners is simply a facilitator and middleman between the various parties involved, referencing the primary service contract of the client. Each client has a menu of service offerings directed and facilitated by Xenia Partners to which the Client Sponsorship Program is one of the offerings made available to the client. These services are performed either by Xenia Partners, or with the assistance of 3rd party affiliates and strategic partners to service our clients’ needs in their particular area of expertise. These third-party affiliates and strategic partners operate in compliance with each law of the state in which business is conducted in. Each third-party individual or entity acts as a resource for the clients of Xenia Partners. The 5 services made available to the client in the joint venture project are:

1) Business management and consulting services 2) Administrative and logistical support 3) Technological enhancements and workflow automation 4) Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services 5) Sponsorship Program

The Client Sponsorship Program simply addresses the need of the client by matching them with lenders or financial Institutions they are a fit to work with. Return on sponsorship is the profitable result derived from completion of the service contract with the end client. Xenia Partners does not “guarantee” return on sponsorship