Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the risk?

    The risk is extremely low and your capital is guaranteed. We control every variable in this process which allows a predictable outcome on every file.

  • Is my sponsorship capital guaranteed?

    Yes it is. We keep a back pool of funds just in case a client file becomes delayed. If the process is delayed, we will not drag the sponsor through the delay and we will return the sponsorship capital plus a 2% inconvenience fee and give them an option to put it into a new file. Delays only happen .4% of the time (4 out of 1000.)

  • What happens after my 26 week file is complete?

    Once your 26 week file is completed and you have earned the estimated service fee of 25-35%, you have a couple options. You can choose to roll it over into a new file and earn another 25-35% or you can take your original capital plus service fee out. We are finalizing a third option to be able to take up to a 20% distribution and roll over the remaining amount into a new file.

  • Can I sponsor more than once?

    Yes, once you are an eligible sponsor you can sponsor at any time you want. Whether that is weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. we can accommodate you and keep your money growing.

  • What is the minimum amount to get started?

    Right now our average sponsorship amount is upwards towards 50k but the minimum amount is currently 25k.

  • Are the profits subject to capital gains?

    No. Our model is structured as a service therefore all profits will NOT be subject to capital gains. All income generated will be 1099 income.

  • What if the client I sponsor uses the money for something other than their debt?

    This will never happen because we never give the client any sponsorship capital. We work directly with their lenders to pay off their debts. We do NOT do any lending and we do NOT give any loans.

  • How frequent do you do a batch of files?

    Currently we are doing a batch every 7-10 days.